[OSM-legal-talk] Use of data from the EU GMES/Copernicus programme

Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Sat Jan 16 13:57:01 UTC 2016


I thought I'd bring this up here since sooner or later use of this data 
is likely going to be of interest for OSM.

Short background: The EU Copernicus programme (http://www.copernicus.eu) 
is an EU publicly financed earth observation program that produces 
various types of geodata and makes some of this, primarily satellite 
imagery (Sentinel satellites) but also secondary data resulting from 
further processing and other sources, available to the public.

Conditions of use are based on an EU regulation[1] which is the basis of 
the terms and conditions for data use like in case of Sentinel 
satellite data[2].

It is my understanding that by listing Copernicus data sources on the 
contributors wiki page OSM would satisfy the requirements of the EU 
regulation to inform the public about the data source.  Note in 
contrast to the various attribution licenses this regulation 
specifically does not require you to make sure downstream data users 
also do the same (this was part of the terms earlier[3] but it seems to 
have been specifically removed).  None the less i wanted to put this up 
for discussion here before adding this to the contributors page and 
thereby implying use of this data is OK.


Christoph Hormann

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