[OSM-legal-talk] attributive data enrichment using OSM

Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Mon Jul 25 07:43:12 UTC 2016

On Monday 25 July 2016, Stefan J├Ąger wrote:
> "Viral aspects" like Martin puts it, sound a bit like a disease :-)

The connotation of the term 'viral' has changed quite a bit.  Viral 
marketing for example has - at least for those initiating it - a quite 
positive appeal.

> However, If  I  understand Ilya correctly, the Odbl only applies to
> data that is made publicly available. That, in turn, means, any data
> put together using also OSM data, that is not publicly accessible,
> but only  in internal networks, can be produced?

The ODbL applies to all OSM data everywhere - however the share-alike 
requirements of the ODbL only apply if the data is publicly 'conveyed'.  
Keep in mind though that this includes any produced works (like map 
renderings or other illustrations created using the data) - if a 
derivative database is used in producing such illustrations this 
database is subject to the share-alike requirements.

And note if you (as indicated in your initial inquiry) intend to license 
this derivative database or a produced work to a third party that is 
already a public process under the ODbL.

Christoph Hormann

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