[OSM-legal-talk] attributive data enrichment using OSM

Stefan Jäger sj at geomer.de
Mon Jul 25 10:46:11 UTC 2016

I am afraid that this renders impossible using OSM data for my use case.

I appreciate the comments from everybody.


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> On Monday 25 July 2016, Stefan Jäger wrote:
> >
> > "Viral aspects" like Martin puts it, sound a bit like a disease :-)
> The connotation of the term 'viral' has changed quite a bit.  Viral marketing
> for example has - at least for those initiating it - a quite positive appeal.
> > However, If  I  understand Ilya correctly, the Odbl only applies to
> > data that is made publicly available. That, in turn, means, any data
> > put together using also OSM data, that is not publicly accessible, but
> > only  in internal networks, can be produced?
> The ODbL applies to all OSM data everywhere - however the share-alike
> requirements of the ODbL only apply if the data is publicly 'conveyed'.
> Keep in mind though that this includes any produced works (like map
> renderings or other illustrations created using the data) - if a derivative
> database is used in producing such illustrations this database is subject to the
> share-alike requirements.
> And note if you (as indicated in your initial inquiry) intend to license this
> derivative database or a produced work to a third party that is already a
> public process under the ODbL.
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