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For the sake of the argument, let's add that I may intend to make the
workflow easier by creating a JOSM plugin (or extending the wikipedia
plugin with the wikidata Toolki WDTK). So it may become substantial or
probably would be after enough time passes. So it's important to know what
is and what isn't acceptable. Direct transfer of names and translations in
either direction definitely isn't. That is clear. When comparing them and
noticing a difference another source is needed to fix one or the other.

I guess using JOSM to calculate the center of a point cloud (of
way/relation nodes' coordinates) is derived?

It's probably best to limit it to version 1 objects one adds oneself.

The other question is, whether backreferencing from Wikidata is a good
idea. Or whether it changes anything to the licensing issues?


2017-12-03 14:10 GMT+01:00 Simon Poole <simon at poole.ch>:

> Well IMHO none of this is relevant, as we do not claim any rights in
> individual elements in our database.
> As a result every single operation for itself is completely OK. The issues
> start when you (and I include any method of work splitting in that) do any
> of them systematically in a way that is no longer insubstantial.
> Any data you directly created yourself remains yours naturally and while
> there is a bit of fuzziness around the question of what applies to the copy
> in the OSM database itself, you can do with that what you want (assuming
> you weren't creating something that depended on already existing OSM data).
> Simon
> Am 03.12.2017 um 13:48 schrieb Jo:
> Time to open up a whole new fresh can of worms....
> Call me werid, but I like the idea of cooperation between opendata
> projects, but differences in licensing don't make this exactly easy.
> So here goes.
> Let's start with a node.
> a)
> I add a node (say for a school) to OSM. Since it's coming from an import
> (or I surveyed it myself) I have more details and I'd like to add those
> details to wikidata as well.
> I look at the imagery and find the school grounds and place a node
> somewhere in the middle. So I'm the one who determined the coordinates. If
> I want to share them to wikidata that should be fine. In the reference
> field of wikidata I create a source reference "reference url" and set it to
> the url Ctrl-Shift-I sends me to www.openstreetmap.org/node/12345678
> b)
> Next case I draw a polygon around the school grounds and have JOSM
> determine the center point for the coordinates. This time I use
> www.openstreetmap.org/wat/12345678 as the reference url.
> Again, I'm the one who determined the coordinates at the time of creation
> of the object on OSM.
> c)
> I find a street on OSM and want to add/update its position to/on wikidata.
> I take the 2 end points and determine the center. This time I reference
> back to the way on OSM, or if the way was splt, to the way segment nearest
> to the center point. There is nothing there at this point in OSM, usually
> the coordinates also don't correspond to any OSM object. I was not the
> creator of this street or its end nodes. odbl states I need to state the
> source, that was done using the refernce url pointing back to
> openstreetmap.org. Is this enough?
> d)
> 2 streets join on a node. wikidata has a property "connects with". I'd
> like to use the url fo the node as the source for the connection between
> these 2 roads. This time it's not about the coordinates, but about the fact
> one can get from one of those roads to another using that node. Is that OK
> to do, or should I find anoher source for this 'knowledge'.
> e)
> wikidata also has properties "coordinate of northernmost point"
> (easternmost, southernmost, westernmost). Can those be sourced to OSM
> (nodes)?
> Polyglot
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