[OSM-legal-talk] OpenLitterMap Terms and Conditions, Privacy

Seán Lynch seanlynch at umail.ucc.ie
Fri Jun 9 12:11:18 UTC 2017

Dear all,

Pretty loaded email here -

I am the developer of OpenLitterMap.com - the only citizen science
litter-mapping platform that enables anyone to quantitatively,
categorically and geospatially map litter anywhere on the planet in
hyper-spatial resolution :-) I am also one of the most recent members to
join the OSMF following a talk from Kate at the RGS last year.

Feel free to give the site a whirl and keep contributing if you like it :-)
It works on any device.

All data is free to view by anyone and free to download by any logged in
user. I do not collect data on how you are using the site or who is
downloading data. If you can use this data to stop plastic going into the
ocean, evaluate policy, enforce improved laws, bin catchments, etc - please
do. It is free and very easy to download as a CSV by Country, State or City

In particular, I am looking for advice on my *Terms & Conditions and
Privacy Policy*.

You can read both documents here

I am looking for a licence to ensure the data will remain Free and Open,
for any use, without restriction. Including commercial. Currently all data
is licensed and owned by me, following legal advice. However, I must admit
the legal side of things is one of my biggest weaknesses. Geography, yes.
Code, delightful. Legal stuff? *Please help me*!

I also want to ensure that the agreement clearly acknowledges - and I did
my best to ensure that - if someone gets injured while litter mapping, eg
by a needle, that my personal liability is removed. Anyone registering for
the site must take complete personal responsibility for themselves while
looking for or mapping litter. By responsibly mapping litter and not coming
into contact with hazardous items, I believe we can reduce the harms caused
to society at large.

There are also significant ethical questions to be addressed about
revealing drug-related litter. I am in possession of several months of
needle data in Ireland but there is a debate to be had about calling for
improved services vs. potentially increasing the marginalisation of
homeless users. That data is currently offline.

If anyone would like to offer advice, open a discussion or chat with me
privately, please do get in touch I would love to hear some expert thoughts
/ opinion(s)!



https://openlittermap.com @OpenLitterMap (Fb, Tw, Ig)
M.Sc. Coastal & Marine Environments (NUIG, 2015)
M.Sc. GIS & Remote Sensing (UCC, 2014)
B.A. Geography & Economics (UCC, 2011)
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