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Jahnell info at etsafrica.co.za
Mon Mar 13 08:17:31 UTC 2017

Good Morning.  I trust that you are well


My name is Jahnell and I need your advice.


I'm currently renting at a flat and I recently experienced a break and the
people cleaned me out.


I notified the agency and they said unfortunately there is nothing they can
do about it. I then notified them that I am terminating my lease agreement
with Immediate effect and I will be moving out end of the month of March as
I do not feel safe anymore.


When I moved in I paid a deposit amount of R3500. They mentioned that I am
liable for the following:

Agent Commission - R750

Cancelation fee - R1500

April rent, if they do not find a tenant for the place - R2500


The agreement signed between us stipulates all of the above but if there is
any way possible, I'd like to find an alternative solution. My lease expires
30 September 2017.


Could you kindly please advise on how I can handle this supported by the
Consumer Protection Act of South Africa or anything relating to that


Thank You



Jahnell Rangwato


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