[OSM-legal-talk] Taiwan Open Government Data License

積丹尼 Dan Jacobson jidanni at jidanni.org
Mon May 15 21:49:46 UTC 2017

OK thanks Simon for the clarification!
I'll ask the participants of
https://www.facebook.com/groups/odtwn/permalink/1927450013936074/?comment_id=1927539973927078 and
to chime in here to get this straightened out!

>>>>> "SP" == Simon Poole <simon at poole.ch> writes:

SP> As has already been pointed out 3.2 could be problematic. The
SP> translation is a bit wobbly and unclear, but if I understand it
SP> correctly the intent is to reference a data set specific attribution
SP> requirement that would naturally have to be looked at for any specific
SP> data use.

SP> The really killer is however 6.3 (which should have a different section
SP> header) which I suspect is incompatible with the Open Definition and a
SP> lot of other stuff (including common sense :-)).

SP> Simon

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