[OSM-legal-talk] Usage of OSM URLs in combination with proprietary set of URLs

Brunner Gian gian.brunner at ntb.ch
Wed Feb 20 14:26:48 UTC 2019

Dear Sir or Madam,

Our names are Gian Brunner and Sandro Santoro, we are Students in Systems Engineering at NTB Buchs (Switzerland).
At the moment we are working on our Bachelor thesis and have a request about using OSM data.

Our Case: We would like to extract URLs from OSM data, combine them with other URLs from a proprietary source, download and crawl sites from both groups of URLs, extract menu information and publish it together with the URLs (In the Future we might provide this service commercially).
Is it legal to use OSM data for this purpose?

Thank you in advance and best Regards,
Gian Brunner & Sandro Santoro

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