[OSM-legal-talk] Copy information from official business website (WAS: Proposal for a revision of JA:Available Data)

Robert Whittaker (OSM lists) robert.whittaker+osm at gmail.com
Wed Jul 10 14:49:49 UTC 2019

On Fri, 5 Jul 2019 at 21:18, tomoya muramoto <muramototomoya at gmail.com> wrote:
> I ask a simple question. May I copy the information of the TESCO Boston Superstore to OSM?
> https://www.tesco.com/store-locator/uk/?bid=2108
> This website contains information such as
> - addr=*
> - phone=*
> - opening_hours=*
> - branch=*
> The OSM data for this store does not yet contain `phone=*` nor `opening_hours=*`. Can I copy them to OSM?
> https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/61998754

For a single store I believe the answer is yes, since you're
extracting un-copyrightable facts. But if there are a significant
number of stores (as in this case), then the information becomes part
of a database, which is by default protected by database rights (at
least in the EU). You then can't use a significant amount of the
information without an appropriate licence. Moreover, you can't safely
take details from a single store from a chain's website, as there's a
danger that lots of other mappers might do that independently for
different stores, resulting in an infringement for OSM as a whole.

So for practical, use in OSM, I'd say it's ok to take information from
the public website of an independent store, or a group with up to
around half a dozen outlets. But anything larger, and you'd need to
get permission from the company first.


Robert Whittaker

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