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Kathleen Lu kathleen.lu at mapbox.com
Thu Jul 11 18:23:08 UTC 2019

I understand the inclination to sarcasm, but your second statement is
simply not a logical one. A state's records of it's plans to build and
maintain roads aren't a map, and a typical map has many things on it other
than just roads. The plans by themselves may not be a protected database
under EU law, but governments discuss quite publicly the costs and efforts
of their GIS departments. "Substantial investment" may not be a black and
white standard, but it is a meaningful one. I hypothesize that Tesco would
have difficulty proving "a substantial investment in either the obtaining,
verification or presentation of the contents." (Note that investment in
creating/setting the hours does not count.)

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> > I do not think that a retail store chain could successfully argue that
> it makes a "substantial investment" in maintaining a list of its own
> stores' hours. Since the store sets the hours, the effort of obtaining,
> verification, and/or presentation should be fairly trivial.
> Along the same reasoning you could say: “I do not think that a state makes
> a substantial investment in mapping the roads they maintain. Since the
> state plans, builds and maintains the roads it should be fairly trivial for
> them to make a map.”
> Cheers, Martin
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