[OSM-legal-talk] Copy information from official business website (WAS: Proposal for a revision of JA:Available Data)

Tom Hummel tom at bluespice.org
Sat Jul 13 20:25:33 UTC 2019

> Along the same reasoning you could say: “I do not think that a state
> makes a substantial investment in mapping the roads they maintain.
> Since the state plans, builds and maintains the roads it should be
> fairly trivial for them to make a map.”

The argument was never that any collection of information about your
organisation will always be trivial. It has always been strictly
limited to opening hours, since that was the main topic.

Extending a claim beyond it's original realm of validity or
application—thus proving it wrong—would be unsound reasoning. Please
see Schopenhauer, ”Eristic Dialectic: The Art of Winning an Argument”,
Section 1 „Erweiterung des Rahmens“, in english: “The Extension“.

Of course there are collections of information (i.e. databases) about
one's own organisation that are vastly complex. Even so complex, that
companies sometimes fail at the task. So your argument was right—some
of these can easily require substantial investments—but that was not
the argument.

> Using data on incompatible license is still utterly
> unacceptable, even in cases where suing is not going to happen.



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