[OSM-legal-talk] How to get geolocation without problem into Wikidata

Shu Higashi higa432 at gmail.com
Sun May 12 04:23:01 UTC 2019


I was asked by a Wikidata community person how to get geo-location
(lat/lon) from OSM without problem.
Is it OK (not trigger share-alike) to copy geo-location as below from
OSM.org website?
I couldn't find direct example at geocoding guideline.

1. Enter the name of the feature described in wikidata like "虎ノ門ダイビル"
into the search box at top left of OSM.org.
2. Select the target from the result list.
3. Get lat/lon (ex. 35.66984,139.74690) from the url as below:
4. Each wikidata people repeat this operation manually.

Shu Higashi

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