[OSM-legal-talk] map drawn based on OSM tiles

Lars-Daniel Weber Lars-Daniel.Weber at gmx.de
Sun Oct 6 13:05:14 UTC 2019

Dear users,

I've drawn a map based on the official OpenStreetMap tiles, which are licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0 using QGIS. The result is stored as a shapefile. The shapefile should be published to students to work with it. It might be printed and shared otherwise.

Most of the time during the drawing, I've oriented myself on elements existing in OSM (rivers, streets etc.), but sometimes I've divided areas by own knowledge or by own needs. The resulting shapefile doesn't contain OSM data (nothing got extracted) and it doesn't have the quality to contribute back to OSM (I've generalized the geometries by hand).

Is this a "produced work"? Can I release the shapefile under my own license, but attribute each element as "based on OpenStreetMap"? What license shall I point to? Since it's not directly based on the ODbL data (it's based on the rendered style), will data extracted from the map from others fall under ODbL again?

Sincerely yours,

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