[OSM-legal-talk] map drawn based on OSM tiles

Lars-Daniel Weber Lars-Daniel.Weber at gmx.de
Mon Oct 7 17:49:42 UTC 2019

From: "Kathleen Lu via legal-talk" <legal-talk at openstreetmap.org>
> So if what is extracted is solely what was in the database, then the extraction is not
> material that the tile license covered (the tile license cannot actually
> change the license of the data, which is ODbL, as that would be
> impermissible under ODbL). 

Yeah, that's why I assumed, too.

> Thus, assuming the shapefiles are essentially the equivalent of
> simplified OSM border shapefiles, the shapefiles are covered by ODbL.

Actually, it's like 40% OSM borders (hard borders, like roads, rivers, topography and administrative stuff) and 60% own borders, which don't appear in OSM. BUt those borders wouldn't make OSM any better, since they're specific for the current task.

> Now, it sounds like you're not tracing very much, so it's possible that
> you have traced fewer than 100 features in which case your tracing is
> insubstantial
> https://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Licence/Community_Guidelines/Substantial_-_Guideline

Actually, I've traced more than 100 features, but the "extraction is non-systematic and clearly based on your own qualitative criteria" - okay, not on my one, but on the one who draw the overlay with the pen.

But what does this result in? Sorry for asking... it's a real life problem, not a constructed one.

And please remember the other question I've asked. I haven't found an answer on the web or the OSM boards.

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