[OSM-legal-talk] ZIP codes from OSM in non-compatible licensed dataset

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Fri Oct 11 08:17:07 UTC 2019

Am Do., 10. Okt. 2019 um 23:25 Uhr schrieb Kathleen Lu via legal-talk <
legal-talk at openstreetmap.org>:

> Cost is a relevant factor in database protection law, which is one of the
> rights covered by the licence. First, a database is not protected unless
> there has been "substantial investment" in its making.

"substantial investment" is not the same as monetary cost. The human time
that is needed to collect and arrange the data is also an investment.

> All that said, I am still of the opinion that it is not necessary to find
> the exact line here, because the original use Lars-Daniel proposed was one
> of a collective database so long as the two sets of ZIP properties were
> kept in separate columns, which he appeared quite comfortable with.

are kept in separate columns and are not used in combination/both to create
a produced work?

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