[OSM-legal-talk] Legal regulation of the use of OSM data

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Hello, everybody!
Please deal with the issue of legal regulation of OSM data.
If we collect data from your API in XML format or perhaps directly from the front of the API in JSON format (is there any difference in this situation?). The final format for displaying data is the pins of organizations in the custom (our) design, which we place on a third-party map, with the ability to do so under license. Users can find out what type of organization and what kind of organization, filter organizations on the map, i.e., for example, view only hospitals. We assume to take and reflect on the map only socially significant objects on the map - schools, kindergartens, sports institutions, hospitals and shops (a fairly small number of objects). Is this obvious limits to the usefulness? 
If we allow to use the specified data on our site, which we put on a map, and under the terms of the purpose is not to extract the data, but only for the user to see these data, i.e. the goal is to bring it to the end user as shown in the example with Garmin maps on the site at the link   https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Open_Data_License/Produced_Work_-_Guideline   and it says it's Produced Work. In our situation, is this also a Produced Work? 
And I would like to clarify about attribution. The guideline states that we should indicate that we are contributors and provide a link to distribution under the ODbL license, on the other hand, for Produced Work in clause 4.3. license ODbL is written a little differently and that is not consistent with the logic written in guidline. Based on this, the question arises whether it is enough that we specify that the map simply contains information from the OSM as indicated at the beginning of paragraph 4.3?
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