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Hi Douglas,

There is some good starting information about OSM Foundation local chapters

It's great to be formalising an OpenStreetMap group in your country. For
the UK we are doing this and then we will look at applying to become an
OSMF local chapter. In the mean time, the OSMF could *possibly* say we are
not allowed to use the words "OpenStreetMap" but there is no reason to do
that unless we are saying bad things about OSM or if another group starts
in the country & there is confusion between them. It's most likely that the
OSMF would look and discuss such things if/when you apply to be recognised
as an OSMF local chapter.

The local chapters are still a new thing for OSMF, and open to feedback on
what could work well/better.

The laws in each country can vary greatly, and it's hard to understand
them. Your local knowledge of Uganda will be helpful to the OSMF.

>From Durham, UK,
On Jun 14, 2016 5:10 PM, "Douglas Ssebaggala" <erunayo at gmail.com> wrote:

Dear Local Chapters, (and Legal-talk)  list,

Apologies for cross-posting.

As the subject reads, the OSM community in Uganda would like your
comments/suggestions on the usage of the name "OpenStreetMap" as a locally
registered entity, are there any legal restrictions to the usage of that

Also, what's the current status of having an OSM local chapter? or it's on
another forum?


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