[Local-chapters] My (very incomplete) summary of the "OpenStreetMap chapters and OSM Foundation meet up" at SotM 2018 in Milano

Raphael Das Gupta (das-g) lists.openstreetmap.org at raphael.dasgupta.ch
Mon Jul 30 09:31:16 UTC 2018

Hi all

As already posted in the SotM 2018 Telegram channel:

Local chapters and other local organizations (or unorganizations) shall
join local-chapters at openstreetmap.org (this list) at
https://lists.openstreetmap.org/listinfo/local-chapters to coordinate
and help each other.

Also, local chapters should inform the OSMF (or relevant working group)
if they feel the board, a working group or the foundation can help with
something. On the other hand, local chapters feel that by working
together, they (the chapters) may be able to provide more services and
infrastructure to the community without overloading the the OSMF with
things that aren't exactly OSM "core business".

There has been discussion about whether to found a working group in
which local chapters will coordinate. That shall be futher discussed on
the local-chapters at openstreetmap.org mailing list.

(Note that the previous "local chapters" working group was about
defining what a local chapter is and has more or less ceased action once
that was done and the first chapter had been accepted. Accepting new
local chapters is not done by that working group, but by the OSMF board.)


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