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tldr; hot_tech is running and AI assisted mapping study

read: 5m | action: 5m

Call to action: please sign up to participate
<https://forms.gle/wVBzSFTgWpvHpX9k8> or share with your networks

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Hi all,

Over the past few months HOT has been working in partnership with NESTA
Collective Intelligence grants and 510 at the Netherlands Red Cross to
implement an experiment to test the efficiency and efficacy of AI
assistance on remote mapping of buildings.

The experiment is designed to compare the results of traditional remote
mapping workflows (editing in ID Editor) with emerging AI assisted
workflows (editing with RapID). To do this, we will be conducting mapping
experiments of two locations (Uganda and US), with two different levels of
mappers (beginner and advanced) using the two different remote mapping
workflows (RapID and ID).

To this end, we are looking to run four experimental groups with > 50
people each, as follows:

_Beginner Mapathon - Uganda data

_Beginner Mapathon - US data

_Advanced Mapathon - Uganda data

_ Advanced Mapathon - US data

Each mapathon will be a total of two hours, with participants being
randomly assigned to map building footprints with either ID or RapID prior
to beginning their mapping. Data will be gathered on the existence of map
features, completeness of mapped features and similarity of map features,
when compared with an OSM reference dataset.

For the mapathons, we will be using convenience sampling from our networks
by generating a public call for participants.

You can sign up to participate in the experiment here >



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