[Mailman] Fwd: Creation of dev-fr ?

Frédéric Rodrigo f.rodrigo at free.fr
Mon Sep 6 19:01:48 BST 2010

I'have send the following mail to Michael Collinson; like write on wiki, 
but without answer.
So I send to you now, maybe same people.

Frédéric Rodrigo

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Sujet: Creation of dev-fr ?
Date : Wed, 1 Sep 2010 13:35:48 +0200 (CEST)
De : Frédéric Rodrigo <f.rodrigo at free.fr>
Pour : Michael Collinson <michael at osmfoundation.org>

Parts of the French community, over the talk-fr list, think there is too 
much traffic. So a pool was proposed over summer. Now it’s time for result.
http://papillon.peacefrogs.net/poll/NVNtQS1279316043/ (warning the 
result of the pool isn't equality between column 1 and 3, vote on column 
4 is the same as vote on 2 and 3 at same time).
Pool start with this thread :
And the result :

So, it's possible create a dev-fr malling list, or not ?

Frédéric Rodrigo

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