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 HTime's short and we won't waste any more of yours when you are scartching
around for a great Christmas idea for the ones you love. Have some Hemp,
Hemp's where it's at, Happy Hemp, Hempin' around the Christmas tree, it's a
Hempy holiday.    Hemp, the Earth Saviour Is Here!    Holidays are coming -
Bring it on ! Hurrahhh

                          ORGANIC HEMP STRIPY
 Fabulous plain or stripy Hemp and cotton socks. Nice and comfy with the
classic soft warmth that only Hemp can give you. Available in either calf
or ‘over the knee’ lengths. The perfect fireplace loungewear.

                           ORGANIC HEMP & MERINO WOOL
Quality hand-made from an Organic herringbone pattern Hemp fabric which
provides natural wicking and anti-bacterial properties and lined with a
soft organic Merino wool lining, to keep your toes toasty, with a quality
light-weight rubber sole.

                                 HEMP REVOLUTION

 If you are going to buy one book on the Hemp plant you won't go wrong with
this one. Hemp for Victory is the best book written about the fine and
amazing Hemp plant for probably the last decade.

 hemp-choc-mix-nwsltr.jpg                     ORGANIC HEMP CHOCOLATE

So, you LOVE Hemp Chocolate but can't decide which one to choose? Why not
try a mix and match multi pack of chocolate from our current range of 6
different bars.


   ORGANIC HEMP FACE FLUIDHemp-Face-Conditioner.jpg

Made from Hemp flowers and Aloe Vera, this light fluid provides skin with
moisture while also soothing, an ideal product to use after shaving.

                          ORGANIC HEMP LEG
 These slim fit legwarmers are made from Hemp & Fleece, featuring
Hoodlamb’s ‘Satifur’ lining, Ideal for winter wearing out and about
around town on a crisp, cold day keeping your lower leg nice and toasty.

Socks-Active-all-med.jpgORGANIC HEMP SOCKS
 LSoft, strong and just go on and on. These great Hemp socks are comfy,
super soft and keep feet nice and warm. Because they are so very durable
they are ideal for everyday use.

rawg--msm-beauty-scrub-med.jpg            ORGANIC HEMP MSM BEAUTY SCRUB
Heavenly scented and rich, this organic Hemp Moisturiser transforms skin.
Expertly formulated with an array of nutrition-laden botanical extracts, it
is the cold-pressed and essential oils of Hemp which steal the spotlight.
               IDEAS FOR HIM                                      IDEAS FOR
HER                          IDEAS FOR LITTLE ONES
               Organic Hemp Boxer Shorts

Made from a super soft Organic Hemp, Cotton and Spandex these boxers are
perfect for the Eco-Man of today. They feature a soft elastic tape
waistband of roughly 3cm wide for the perfect fit and a comfortable front.
They are the perfect garment for men with sensitive skin.

	           Organic Hemp BackPack

This great, organic back pack has adjustable shoulder straps, one rear
zipped pocket, one zipped pocket in the front flap as well as one
underneath. Inside the main area is one zipped pocket. All metal fastenings
made from recycled metal. WWF & Amnesty International approved.

	             Organic Hemp Beading Kit
This is a great starter kit for children who want to get into jewellery
making. The pack contains Hemp beading twine made from certified Organic
European Hemp, so you can be sure of its purity and environmental
           Organic Hemp Shirt
A classic long-sleeved shirt made from pure organic Hemp fabric which has a
standard fit with a button-down collar, breast pocket and curved hem. Ideal
for on and off duty styling.	                  Organic Hemp Knickers
The combination of Organic Hemp, Cotton and Spandex with the seamless edges
make these knickers are so comfy to wear. And with tight-fitting clothes it
remains almost invisible.

	     Organic Hemp Hat

This super soft Hemp/Cotton hat is so comfortable and warm it will become a
firm favourite with the little ‘uns that they may never want to take it

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