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Thu Feb 13 07:57:30 UTC 2014

Remotely management advertising  player / Attn: Technical Manager

Dear Sirs,

   After visiting your web-site I decided to contact your esteemed company  
as one of the leaders of advertising player  field .

  AD-460F is a 46-inch floor advertising player , based on SAMSANG  
LCD ,Android operation system and network connection . With free server  
software, you can easily create advertisement content, distribute to  any  
display screen ,anytime, anywhere  remotely. This will help you save a lot   
on advertising player  installation and maintenance .

   I would appreciate if you forward this letter to Technical Manager or to  
other expert responsible for technical integration of new products in your  
company, or provide me with his contact for we could discuss all the  
details of our future cooperation.

Your early reply is highly appreciated


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