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As you are more than likely aware, you were recently selected
for inclusion in the new 2014 edition of the Who's Who Among
Executives and Professionals.

Despite our efforts, we have not yet received confirmation of
your biographical profile, and are reaching out to you again
in an effort to do so.

Click here to verify and confirm your profile:


The tradition of the Who's Who reaches back more than
100 years to a time when the prestigious and accomplished
were featured in a yearly publication that defined high society.

Today, the Who's Who provides a useful resource where business
professionals, academics, and Executives are both recognized for
their achievements and provided with an unparalleled networking
resource. Using our database, you can make global contacts,
discuss current events and happenings with your peers, and
establish yourself as either a mentor to aspiring professionals or
further your business network.

Our goal is to seek out the premier executives and professionals
throughout the world. There is absolutely no cost or obligation
for your biographical profile. Simply click this link 


and fill out the appropriate biographical fields.


Nomination Committee, Research Division
Who's Who Among Executives and Professionals

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