[Mailman] Insticator + openstreetmap.org Advertising Partnership

Heather Kennedy heather at insticator.co
Fri Dec 11 16:16:40 UTC 2015

Last month, over 100 Insticator partners earned 10X their previous revenue and tracked a 40% increase of site engagement.
We last left the discussion on how implementing our technology on your site can help you earn more revenue. 
If you have 10 minutes I can show how Insticator helps you earn more revenue. You can find my Business Development Manager's schedule HERE (https://t.yesware.com/tt/17ceba731f999cc7439b826146544a82298503fa/aa5b40771a13a809c7aa3fb1bbc7e4d1/a1955621340e12d930845bb4f5c42ed2/insticator_ari.youcanbook.me/) .
You can also learn more about at Insticator.com (https://t.yesware.com/tt/17ceba731f999cc7439b826146544a82298503fa/aa5b40771a13a809c7aa3fb1bbc7e4d1/f74f08ae8b418f59f95e8dc5956ee4c2/embed.insticator.com/landingpage?from=mailman@openstreetmap.org) .

On 2015-12-09 13:03:00 UTC, Heather Kennedy <heather at insticator.co> wrote:

Our team was on your site today and we're very interested in pursuing an advertising partnership with you. Are you free for a phone call sometime next week?
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