[Mailman] DMARC issue

Andrea Albani aobani at gmail.com
Thu Dec 24 16:15:37 UTC 2015

Hello mailman admin,

I'm an OSM contributor of the Italian community and I'd like to report an
issue we're experiencing on talk-it mailing list.
Some mails coming from the Mailman server are being classified as spam by
some providers like Google and this especially happens with senders hosted
on libero.it domain which is rather popular in Italy.
In my understanding the problem lies in the p=quarantine DMARC policy set
by libero.it admins, which triggers Google spam engine after SPF check
failure due to Mailman changes on mails attributes.
I believe that DMARC is used by a lot of mail providers and the issue above
could be a concern if they begin to adopt policies different from p=none.
I wonder if you are already aware of this issue and, in the case, if you
evaluated the implementation of the Mailman features that allows DMARC

Thanks for your attention.

Best regards

Andrea Albani
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