[Mailman] I may have deleted South Uist

Gordon Stokes gordonfstokes at gmail.com
Tue Jul 7 20:04:07 UTC 2015


I'd appreciate it if you could forward this to the relevant person.

I didn't want to post it as a question to a forum as I think I may have
made a mistake. Yesterday I made some changes around Lochboisdale in South
Uist where a new port facility has been built making changes to the


Since then, at large scale viewing the whole island seems to have
disappeared. I made changes both to the Level 6 boundary and the coastline,
which are presumably multipolygons. I have checked what I can this evening
and all seem to still link with each other but the land is still
disappearing off the map. But I'm no expert on how multipolygons work.

I presume it's something I did, but I'm not sure what. I'd be very grateful
if someone could give me some hints as to how to put it right, or maybe
just undo all the recent changes I made (I'm GordonFS).

My apologies and I hope I haven't messed up too badly,

Gordon Stokes
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