[Mailman] tile server access

mrieker at nii.net mrieker at nii.net
Mon Nov 9 14:52:43 UTC 2015

Hi All,

Sorry I can't figure out from the website who to contact regarding access
to the tile servers and this was the only email address I could find.  I
saw the name Jon Burgess as a tile server admin but there wasn't any
contact info.

Anyway, I created an open-source free Android app called WairToNow.  I
have not posted the app to Google Play.  It is aviation oriented but I
have also included access to OpenStreetMap tiles.  The primary purpose for
the access is for the "$100 hamburger" flights where it would be nice to
have street maps in the vacinity of small airports (within walking or
biking distance).  I also use OSM tiles to generate runway diagrams for
airports that the FAA does not provide them for.  The app is not intended
for OSM use for long trips such as driving, and the FAA-provided aviation
charts are to be used when flying of course.

The help page for the app is online at
http://toutatis.nii.net/WairToNow/assets/help.html and includes the
licensing information from your website near the bottom.  Let me know if
you would like changes.  Other items relating to OSM usage can be found at
the bottom of http://toutatis.nii.net/WairToNow/assets/p_maint.html and an
example rendering that includes the copyright message is at the bottom
right-side of http://toutatis.nii.net/WairToNow/assets/p_faawp.html

The app contacts my server to look for the tile there.  If my server does
not have the tile, it then contacts {a,b,c}.tile.openstreetmap.org to get
the tile.  I currently have the retention period set to 1 year.

Please let me know what I need to do to be compliant with your wishes
regarding access to your tile servers or any other suggestions you may

Thank you for providing the tile servers.

Mike Rieker
Beverly, MA, USA

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