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Dean Nelson dean.nelson.hesvic at gmail.com
Sat Mar 30 16:58:18 UTC 2019

My name is Mhike and I am in charge of internet marketing at Elevate Lifting

We have recently gone through some changes, and as a result, some of our
business data is now outdated. I noticed an inconsistency in your data


Unfortunately we no longer have logins for this profile, and thus we were
hoping you might be able to update it for us.

The correct information should read:

Business Name: Elevate Lifting

Address: 16 Fink Street
Preston, VIC 3072

Website: https://www.elevatelifting.com.au/

Contact #: 1300 437 842

Email: sales at elevatelifting.com.au

Please let me know once you have made the corrections.

Thank you in advance!

Elevate Lifting
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