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"I served as a Local United Way CEO for years. Please see below the FIVE things you NEVER SAY IF YOUR WANT FUNDING" - Pam Ballard

Here's a list of five NO-NOs when working with a nonprofit board

1. "Let's have an annual retreat" (why waste a good weekend?)
2. "Let's hire someone to do board training" (why am I training my bosses?)
3. "Let's get our members to fund raise" (it's never worked...it never will)
4. "Let's recruit more board members" (why add to the crazy-making?)
5. "Let's vote on a having a feasibility study" (consultants are lying to you.)  

Dear Colleagues In Service,

I'm sharing this message with you this morning to affirm what you already know. Your Board of Directors is not your real problem nor is it your solution. When it's all said and done, there's one thing all boards have in common...THEY DO NOT FUNCTION. There's a better way. Allow me to explain.

-Boardsmanship IS NOT Governance
-Boardsmanship IS NOT Visioning
-Boardsmanship IS NOT Policy-Making
-Boardsmanship IS NOT Volunteerism
-Boardsmanship IS NOT Management

Boardsmanship is not Governance: Don’t kid yourselves. UNPAID VOLUNTEER BOARD MEMBERS DON'T GOVERN. Actual governance occurs when a person (with a full-time salary) supported by various paid staff (the formation of a government) is empowered to perform the daily tasks of decision-making and oversight. Strong CEOs GOVERN!

Boardsmanship is not Visioning: VISION is the way MISSION is achieved and is never the responsibility of the board because the board isn’t being paid to accomplish it. STRONG CEOs DETERMINE VISION. (I’ll agree that board members hold their compensated leader accountable to achieve MISSION.) Here's what you do. Hire a strong CEO who can be trusted to design a HEROIC VISION OF SCALE that accomplishes mission in ways you never dreamed possible. Believe me, strong CEOs are already doing it their way even if they're forced to label it “BOARD VISION.”

Boardsmanship is not Policy-Making: Hire a CEO whose depth of experience and formal education has already equipped them as a management expert. The right CEO has been properly trained to oversee the creation of policies that work. Board Members never write policy anyway. Someone else does the heavy-lifting and they rubber stamp it.

Boardsmanship is not Volunteerism: Eliminate the special events committee. Eliminate the fundraising committee. Eliminate the public relations committee. Eliminate the strategic planning committee. (Here’s a good rule of thumb - remove everything from your by-laws that’s not related to IRS compliance.) Re-assemble these groups as volunteers (non-board members) who serve you directly. For example, a group of social workers is assembled to serve the program director, or a campaign cabinet comprised of community volunteers is built to advance fundraising. You now have individuals in their sweet spots, who are no longer saddled with arcane tasks.

Boardsmanship is not Management: Board members have no authority over the day-to-day operations of a nonprofit UNLESS there’s a written directive recorded in board meeting minutes with a motion, second
and full vote. Members cannot unilaterally exercise power. Nor can committees. Conversely, board members actually need to receive permission from the CEO if they intend to act on behalf of the nonprofit in a manner that could affect daily operations.

By the way, I've figured out this whole BOARD THING! Here’s how it works:

Great boards do TWO things:


The STRONG CEO is named chair of the nominations committee and fills these SIX POSITIONS (yes, you only need six [plus]):

1. Business Expert (Chair) Entrepreneur
2. Program Expert (Secretary) Specific
3. Finance Expert (Treasurer) Accountant
4. Legal Expert (Member) Lawyer
5. Communications Expert (Member) PR/Marketer
6. Nonprofit Expert (Member) Consultant

THAT’S IT! (add other experts as needed eg. personnel, etc.) However, don’t forget, working group theory states that any “working group” with more than seven people is no longer a group that works!

Here are their ten clear-cut ADVICE & ACCOUNTABILITY functions:

1. Comply with IRS Regulations
2. Hire strong Chief Executive Officer
3. Approve Meeting Agenda
4. Approve and Amend By-Laws
5. Choose and Review Independent Financial Audit (annual)
6. Choose and Review Independent Program Audit (annual)
7. Evaluate strong Chief Executive Officer
8. Attend Three Meetings per Year with Recorded Minutes
9. Support the CEOs Vision (not the boards vision)
10. Provide CEO their expert advice

If it's time for your organization to become fully funded I strongly recommend that you join us for Major Gifts Ramp-Up. Over 14,500 nonprofit executives from across the U.S. have already attended. THEY LOVE THESE EVENTS (and so do their boards!) Why? Because this fast-paced and provocative training have been customized for the audience in attendance. Prepare to hear the truth in ways you've never experienced before. You'll learn from the masters who defied convention and challenged the false thinking that keeps charities broke. 

“Having served nonprofits for the past 40 years, I thought I'd seen everything! Then I attended Major Gifts Ramp-Up New York and experienced Jimmy LaRose’s brilliant performance before 170 nonprofit executives. His unbounded enthusiasm, comic timing, exceptional sense of theater and insights into nonprofit management will change the way you view yourself and the raising of big gifts. This conference is a must-see, especially for those who think they’ve seen it all!” - Carl Cox, Habitat for Humanity

Who should attend? If you’re a CEO, CFO, COO, CDO, Executive Director, Development Director, Staff Member, Board Member, Pastor, Trustee or Volunteer responsible for the financial health of a nonprofit, ministry or church then you'll want to make sure you bring as many people as possible to this training.

Tuition for a quality capacity-building conference could cost up to $700 per guest. We're thrilled to share that a group of major donors have underwritten this event allowing us to offer tuition for ONE PERSON at $128 or UNLIMITED REGISTRATIONS for only $248. 

That's right, every member of your team can come for only $248.

Please register today. This event will reach capacity soon. 

We believe in you. We know that there are funds available to ensure your sustainability. Let us show you how to access them ASAP. I look forward to meeting you personally.

Until then I remain. Sincerely Yours, 

Pamela Ballard, CNC

National Development Institute

P.S. Here's what you need to know about your financial problems: The river of philanthropy is both deep and wide and there are millions of dollars in finance available to secure your important mission.

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