[Mapcss] Making it approachable

Peter Wendorff wendorff at uni-paderborn.de
Mon Feb 7 19:38:28 GMT 2011

Am 07.02.2011 18:51, schrieb Richard Fairhurst:
> [...]
> The "implement layers through eval and z-index" stuff is clever and 
> architecturally neat, but doesn't pass the above test. It would be 
> kind of like removing <p>, <ul>, <li> and everything from HTML, simply 
> leaving <div> and <span>. 
I know, it goes slightly Off-Topic here - but as a small remark from a 
web guy here:
That's far from the same as p, ul and li have semantic meaning while CSS 
has not.
div can be styled to look like or with the audio module even to sound 
like a paragraph, a list item or a heading - but not to BE a paragraph, 
list item or heading. It will stay a look-alike div.


P.S.: If that's really comparable to MapCSS I'm not aware of it, yet; 
but it's at least not the intent of MapCSS to be 
device/modality-independent AFAIK. (If I'm wrong I would really like to 
hear about that)

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