[Mapcss] Area variables

Vidar Gundersen vibrog+osm at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 13:30:06 GMT 2011

I'd like to point out that an area variable might be a useful addition
to MapCSS.

We have some uses of this already, as this is calculated by osm2pgsql.
The default OSM Mapnik stylesheet filters text labels (on lakes i
think) based on this. Places with a lot of buildings traced from Bing
imagery, and a need emerges to display houses and larger/public
buildings at different zoom levels to avoid visual clutter and still
keep landmark buildings.

RichardF commented on the #osm IRC channel: worth writing a mail to
the mapcss@ list. I think we'll ultimately need to define a set of
special variables that can be tested in stylesheets, and maybe _area
(or _footprint) could be one of them

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