[Mapcss] repeat text on very long ways

Tom Davie tom.davie at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 09:42:10 GMT 2012

> is it possible with current mapcss implementation to repeat text (eg.
> values of name or ref tags) on very long ways such as user won't have
> to scroll much to find the information? if not, is this planned for
> the future? thank you, jose

At the moment there's nothing in MapCSS to specify this.  Any implementation of a renderer that uses MapCSS for styling though would be welcome to do this though, and not break any bits of MapCSS.

In terms of what could be added to better support this, I certainly think being able to specify how often a label is repeated is a really good idea.  I also wonder if some specification of the method that should be used for label placement is a good idea, and/or how important the label is, and how tolerant to being moved a little it is.

Tom Davie

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