[Mapcss] [Merkaartor] MapCSS support for Merkaartor

Jonathan Bennett openstreetmap at jonno.cix.co.uk
Fri Jul 13 17:04:27 BST 2012

(For the benefit of the MapCSS folks, this is a thread about
implementing support in Merkaartor -- cross-posted so please reply all)

On 13/07/2012 16:38, Chris Browet wrote:

> Is there a stable reference doc, now?

Good question. There's http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/MapCSS/0.2
which I believe reflects what various renderers have implemented. So in
a sense that's not a formally defined standard, but it does represent
the state of the art.

There has been some debate over implementing an eval() function in
MapCSS (I personally don't like it, but I'm not an implementer), and I'm
not sure which renderers do and don't support it.

Anyone from the other editors/renderers care to chip in?


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