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At the moment the 0.2 specification is a bit blurry, we're currently in a drive to figure out exactly what everyone supports and from that define a final spec.  You can see what the status of each renderer is here:


As you can see, the syntax you're talking about is not very well supported by other renderers, and rather ill defined.
if (*ra4 != 0xffc78948) { return false; }

On 13 May 2012, at 11:34, Vladimir Elistratov wrote:

> > [tunnel?][!bridge?]
> > 
> > What is the meaning of the question mark "?" here?
> > I believe JOSM uses [tunnel?] to mean "tunnel is tagged as yes or true" (as opposed to [tunnel] which means "tunnel is tagged").
> Then the meaning of [!bridge?] should be "bridge is NOT tagged as yes or true". Right?
> What is the status of that syntax with the question mark? Is it already accepted for the specification?
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