[Mapcss] problems to define my own style

Jan Tappenbeck osm at tappenbeck.net
Fri Oct 5 09:33:49 BST 2012

hi !

i try to create a own style and use following example:

/* THIS FILE IS AUTO-GENERATED (SEE styles_nodist/potlatch2/README) */

     Potlatch 2 core stylesheet

     This stylesheet should contain commonly used features and only the 
most essential extra attributes
     (e.g. oneway). It needs to remain simple (not too many nested 
styles or dash-type decorations) in
     order not to kill performance on slower systems and those with a 
less effective Flash Player (i.e.

     It is expected that experienced mappers will switch between this 
and other stylesheets as required.


meta {
     title: "Lanes";
     icon: "dialogs/mappaint/xxx.png";

line[highway=motorway] {
width: 50;
color: #E77817;
casing-width: 50;
casing-color: #E77817;
text: lanes;
font-size: 12;
text-position: line;

when i add to josm (first or last postion in order) there only the 
standard style will show.

i define another style-file and this will show soon.

can someone help me ?

reagards Jan :-)

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