[Mapcss] Rule for a identifying road who is member of more than one route=road relation

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Wed Jul 16 21:29:40 UTC 2014


I am looking for a rule for roads who are member of more than one route=road relation.

Specifically, what I am looking for is this:
I have identified roads to be either federal highways or state highways, but need to render them in a different way where a state highway follows a federal highway for a shorter or longer distance.

This is quite common in Brazil that federal and state highways follow the same trajectory, specially when passing through cities, and on official maps from DNIT (the national transport infrastructure department) show this by combining the colours

I use both network and ref tags to identify whether a road is state or federal, and have saved these in classes, so something like this:

way.federal_highway and way.state_highway {
	color: red;
	casing-color: green;

relation[route=road][network=BR] > way and relation[route=road][network=“BR:ES”]  > way {
	color: red;
	casing-color: green;

I cannot figure out if mapcss can handle this at this point

Aun Johnsen

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