[MapRoulette] Idea for a challenge to name streets in Brazil

Arlindo Pereira openstreetmap at arlindopereira.com
Sat Nov 8 06:23:03 UTC 2014

Hello everyone,

my name is Arlindo Pereira and I'm a fellow mapper from Brazil.

First of all, I'd like to thank Martjin for writing the tutorial for
writing a Map Roulette challenge. And of course, all the developers of the

I'd like to share the idea I had to write a challenge (specific only to
Brazil) and would like your critic about it.

Here in Brazil we have a government office, IBGE, that releases maps in
public domain. We already imported some of their files (federal roads,
states and cities borders, to name a few). One of their maps has the street
names. It'd be very dificult to import and specially make conflation of
this data - it wouldn't be a good idea to make a direct import because its
shapes have low resolution, the ways drawn by satellite imagery are way
better - but it has the street names. So in many areas of our country with
no or few mappers, we have an armchair mapping system of drawing the
streets via Bing images and inserting their names via this map.

This diary page describes the process to add this layer on iD and in JOSM:
http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/Eitz/diary/24082 (in portugues, but you
can catch the idea).

So, I was thinking of a challenge that detects
highway=residential|tertiary|unclassified roads and open up the editor with
this layer already activated on the background, so the user could insert
the street name, by reading the name and inserting the name=* tag.

My question is: do you think it is feasible? It seems to be an atomic task
(name a street based on this other map) and everyone could help (even if
not being brazilian).

Thanks in advance.

Arlindo Pereira
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