[MapRoulette] Challenge Tutorial

Peter Barth osm-peda at won2.de
Fri Oct 31 22:19:05 UTC 2014

Hi Martijn,

Martijn van Exel schrieb:
> If you already have gone through the challenge creation process, I would
> really appreciate it if you could give me feedback on this.
I have read the tutorial and I think it would have helped me :) I have 
some random comments, perhaps some can be used to improve the tutorial 
even further. Anyway, I like it already as is.

* It's in the curl line but remention that one needs to set the 
  Content-Type of the http header to application/json
* It's perhaps not obvious to everyone, why you can use the osmid in 
  GeoJSON's properties without a leading 'n' or 'w' (or 'r'). You should 
  note that this is dependent on the actual geometry type.
* If you upload the challenge, you need POST, you named that. However, 
  it might not be obvious that you need PUT for updates. This might be 
  confusing as you don't see the challenge without tasks. So one might 
  wrongly assume he still has to POST to create the challenge

* Sanity checks: You did miss to upload tasks. Only the challenge was 
  uploaded and thus it will not be visible at all. Btw, this should be 
  noted, too: Challenges are only visible as long as there are open 
  tasks (perhaps in the Maintainance section)
* Also note that one can activate/deactivate tasks (e.g. emergency 
  disabling the challenge due to a task upload bug)

* I'd note the 5000 task limit (even though it's in the API doc)

And finally some notes about the API docs that got me "confused".

* Bulk create/update of tasks can change the status, too. One can upload
  JSON that *only* contains identifier and status.

* What are valid values for status to be sent to the server. Afair 
  there's a mismatch of values returned and values that can be set or 
  something like that.

* And the difference between 'available', 'created', 'editing' and 
  'skipped' might not be obvious. Especially which of these have to be 
  "maintained" to be available again and which ones will be made 
  available automatically.

Hope some of that helps. And while much of it is already explained in 
the API docs, I think redundancy helps to get things right.


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