[Merkaartor] Legal Yahoo adapter: Good and Bad news

Chris Browet cbro at semperpax.com
Tue Apr 1 10:20:12 BST 2008

Some news about the yahoo adapter:

Good news:
The merkaartor part is done and working!
It's a bit rough on the edges but working like the other adapters. I swear
it is using a full fledge browser and the Yahoo AJAX api in the background

Bad news:
You need the latest snapshot of QT 4.4.0 (I used 20080325), the beta doesn't
Even so, only the Windows version is working. Yes, the same source works on
windows and not on linux.
It's WebKit fault, I guess. There is no WebKit based linux browser so I
suppose it's a bit less polished (when I say it doesn't work, I mean the
yahoo AJAX api, plain sites seem to work).

Good news:
The WebKit source in QT 4.4 seems to be a copycat of the webkit repository,
i.e. standalone webkit have QT support.
Even more, webkit "supports" (well, you know what I mean) QT 4.3!
I've tested the yahoo code on linux against QT 4.3.3 and standalone webkit
and it works.

Bad news:
WebKit is a moving target. There is no "stable release" and the repository
is in a state of perpetual instability.
I compiled at least a dozen versions this weekend before finding a working
So, all I can say, is that revision 31157 works on linux (I didn't test on

Errr... I don't know...
I will wait for QT 4.4 RC1 and see how it fares but that still limits us to
QT 4.4
OTOH, I could import the working revision of webkit in our repository and so
have yahoo maps support for QT 4.3.

Bart, what do you think?

Meanwhile, I will "conditionalize" the code and commit it today.

- Chris -
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