[Merkaartor] Legal Yahoo adapter: Good and Bad news

bvh bvh-osm at irule.be
Sat Apr 5 17:19:46 BST 2008

On Tue, Apr 01, 2008 at 11:20:12AM +0200, Chris Browet wrote:
> Good news:
> The merkaartor part is done and working!
> It's a bit rough on the edges but working like the other adapters. I swear
> it is using a full fledge browser and the Yahoo AJAX api in the background
> ;-)

Great work!

> Bad news:
> WebKit is a moving target. There is no "stable release" and the repository
> is in a state of perpetual instability.
> I compiled at least a dozen versions this weekend before finding a working
> one.
> So, all I can say, is that revision 31157 works on linux (I didn't test on
> windows).

To complicate matters even more, I just got myself a Mac, so now I
am eager to get Merkaartor working on it too. But having legal yahoo
support is more important.

How big are the webkit sources? Can we include a 
working version with an svn:external? That would even give us the
possibility (together with some qmake magic) to use different
Webkit versions for different platforms, if necessary.

I don't think depending on (yet to be releaseed) Qt 4.4 would be 
appropriate right now. We can re-evaluate in autumn when most
distros include it (I hear KDE 4.1 is going to depend on it?)

> OTOH, I could import the working revision of webkit in our repository and so
> have yahoo maps support for QT 4.3.

I would vote for an svn:external to one (or more) known to be working
webkit implementations too.

> Meanwhile, I will "conditionalize" the code and commit it today.

OK, when I am recovered from my jetlag hopefully I'll have some time
to play with in on windows (and mac?)

Legal yahoo support would certainly merit a 0.0.11 release on it's
own. Btw : the download counter for the windows binary 0.0.10 version
sits at nearly 400.

cu bart

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