[Merkaartor] Legal Yahoo adapter: Good and Bad news

Chris Browet cbro at semperpax.com
Sat Apr 5 19:14:52 BST 2008

> How big are the webkit sources? Can we include a
> working version with an svn:external? That would even give us the
> possibility (together with some qmake magic) to use different
> Webkit versions for different platforms, if necessary.

I never used svn externals, so I don't know what the limitations are.
A WebKit nightly is about 8Mb compressed.
Unfortunately, they had the (very, very) bad idea of putting all their web
sites, test cases, ... in the svn trunk, so there is more than 1Gb (!!) of
(for us) unnecessary junk.
If we want to link, we will have to "cherry pick" the right subdirs.

I don't think depending on (yet to be releaseed) Qt 4.4 would be
> appropriate right now. We can re-evaluate in autumn when most
> distros include it (I hear KDE 4.1 is going to depend on it?)

I guess you mean "let's go with the WebKit way". Fine for me.

Legal yahoo support would certainly merit a 0.0.11 release on it's
> own. Btw : the download counter for the windows binary 0.0.10 version
> sits at nearly 400.

BTW, regarding versioning, I assumed we were at 0.11(.0). We should change
the about box then.
I actually think we could bump till at least 0.5.0 or even 0.9.0.
I don't think 0.0.x is representative of the advancement of the project ;-)

- Chris -
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