[Merkaartor] Locale handling and version cleanup

bvh bvh-osm at irule.be
Tue Apr 15 07:27:25 BST 2008

On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 04:39:32PM +0200, Dirk Stoecker wrote:
> >> Works for me too. I am wondering if we are pushing the boundaries
> >> of what qmake can do for us. Anyone has experience with possible
> >> alternatives?
> > I would say CMake as it is used by KDE and so has very good Qt support.
> > However, I can't say for sure how good it would be with this particular case.
> > It's worth looking into at any rate.
> KDE uses gettext, so in this case it is not helpful. qgis uses QT 
> translation and cmake. Thought I did not yet make any CMake stuff.

Let me summary the needs
A needs to work on unix, windows and preferably mac also
B needs to be used by other (major) projects
C needs to be able to integrate Qt easily
  1 moc calls (on headers)
  2 uic calls (on interface files)
  3 qrc calls (on resource files)
  4 ts calls  (on translation files)
D needs to be able to detect libxml
E needs to be able to detect webkit
F needs to be easy to handle for packagers on major distributions
G I need to not hate it

I think for cmake A/B/C1-3/D are easily possible by copying work from
KDE. E is something we will have to do ourselves. About F I have no
idea, but then since KDE is packaged by all major distributions it
should at least be possible and probably get better over time?

Has anyone here actually ever made a CMake buildscript? The other
alternative is Autotools but in my opinion they disqualify for point
A, C and G.

cu bart

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