[Merkaartor] default config

Mike Canann mikecanann at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 22:38:55 GMT 2008

It would be easier for beginners to start using the program if there was a
default map displayed when starting the program for the first time (or if
there is no Merkaartor.conf file).

I've tested these simple changes out, and it seems to work.  I defaulted to
the OSM T at H map.

Index: Preferences/MerkaartorPreferences.cpp
--- Preferences/MerkaartorPreferences.cpp       (revision 12171)
+++ Preferences/MerkaartorPreferences.cpp       (working copy)
@@ -631,7 +631,7 @@

 bool MerkaartorPreferences::getBgVisible() const
-       return Sets->value("backgroundImage/Visible", false).toBool();
+       return Sets->value("backgroundImage/Visible", true).toBool();

 void MerkaartorPreferences::setBgVisible(bool theValue)
@@ -646,7 +646,7 @@

 ImageBackgroundType MerkaartorPreferences::getBgType() const
-       return (ImageBackgroundType)Sets->value("backgroundImage/Type",
+       return (ImageBackgroundType)Sets->value("backgroundImage/Type",

 QStringList MerkaartorPreferences::getBgTypes()
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