[Merkaartor] Adding members to relations (redux)

Hugh Barnes list.osm at hughbris.com
Sat Dec 13 11:48:43 GMT 2008

On Fri, 12 Dec 2008 13:35:55 +0100
"Chris Browet" <cbro at semperpax.com> wrote:

> If you are on a recent SVN:
> 1) Select the relation to add a member to. To do so, click on the
> dashed bounding box around a relation. For more clarity, you can
> enable "View" - "Show relations"
> 2) Ctrl-click the feature (road or other) to add to the relation

I got this far on an early guess. At least, from that, we can say it's
reasonably intuitive and Merkaartor has some interface conventions
that I've subconsciously learned. :~)

> 3) Select "Relation" - "Add Member"

Ah, must be a version later than 0.13. I don't have a Relation menu.
I've been afraid to upgrade because of some problems mentioned on this
list ("if it ain't broke" and all that). Thinking about it now, I should
just be able to compile into a separate binary, so should be safe to

And thanks for sparing me the embarrassment of mentioning that this was
actually even asked early this month. I used Google in lieu of a
list search, but didn't scroll too far down I guess. As penance, I will
update the wiki when I've figured it all out.

Thanks, Chris, and also thanks for improving Merkaartor markedly in the
last few months.


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