[Merkaartor] Icon themes (re: #948)

Łukasz Jernaś deejay1 at srem.org
Sun Dec 14 15:58:54 GMT 2008


I'm currently looking for possible solutions to issue #948.
It's seems that there is no trivial way to do it without binding
Merkaartor to KDE and/org GTK. Maybe I've missed something obvious in Qt
but in that case please correct me.
One possible solutions would be to leave it to the user to select an
icon theme which works for him and use a default (the current) icon in
case it isn't found in the selected theme, whilst dropping an error
message in qDebug(). Of course the icon theme list would be generated
automatically by Merkaartor from the currently installed system themes.

What do you think about that? Should I go ahead with this?

Łukasz [DeeJay1] Jernaś
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