[Merkaartor] crash in current build

Norbert Wenzel n_wenzel at gmx.net
Fri Dec 19 22:08:13 GMT 2008


there are some issues with the current build of Merkaartor (at least in 

The first seems to be a minor one. On startup there is an error message 
about a parse error "tag mismatch" in line 56, col 64. No further 
information available from the error msg. (What file?)

The second is a plain crash, giving "Segmentation fault" on the console. 
It is reproducable on my machine, by simply selecting one single node. 
(Selecting multiple nodes with the selection area works as expected.)

May this be a result of some missing configuration due to parse error on 
startup? I tried to run "merkaartor -h/--h/-help/--help" but neither 
worked, so what was the trick to force Merkaartor to recreate the cfg file?


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