[Merkaartor] 0.13 and relations

Horst Düster horst.duester at gmx.net
Mon Dec 22 09:18:17 GMT 2008


I have seen and used the option "Resolve all relations" but it makes no
difference whether the option is checked or not. Try it in an area with
a large cycling route. The route relation will not be loaded.

Is it a bug?


Chris Browet schrieb:
> Hi,
> When downloading an area (CTRL+D), you can specify to download also
> all the members of the relations included in the bounding box.
> Hope that helps.
> Regards
> - Chris -
> Dr. Horst Düster a écrit :
>> Hi
>> The implementation of relations in 0.13 is a very good idea. I'm not 
>> shure whether I do understand the usage of these relations in a right 
>> way or not.
>> Relations are only showed with a box around all related objects, when 
>> these objects are all loaded to mercaartor. This approach works fine 
>> with spacial closed objects like forests with clearings. But I want to 
>> relate many ways to a cycling route. To see the relation box and manage 
>> their members  it is necessary to download all members of the relation. 
>> For spacially large relations it is not possible due to meraartor 
>> respectivly osm denies the download. How can I work with these relations?
>> Regards
>> Horst
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