[Merkaartor] Templatized tagging committed

Chris Browet cbro at semperpax.com
Tue Nov 4 10:35:05 GMT 2008

Why not.

Key features for me:

- Ability to use some lexical parser to automatically display the proper
template for a given feature (i.e. my "<selector>" tag), in addition to the
simpler "<key>" tag, which, I assume, do the same (only that I don't have to
repeat the template for every single value of "highway").
I also allows me to display different templates based upon the type of the
feature (road, relation, trackpoint, area)

- Ability to display link to the "Feature" page of the wiki (my "<link>"

- Ability to do simple tag derivation (i.e. "<widget id="name_bxl"
tag="name" type="constant" ><value tag="$[name:fr] - $[name:nl]" />...",
which means name = name:fr + "-" + name:nl

- Ability to conditionaly display a widget (i.e. when religion="christian",
only display christian denomination)

- Ability to use "constant" values (i.e. "Catholic chrurch" template apllies
constant "amenity=place_of_worship", "religion=christian",
"denomination=catholic" to a "blank" node

I also want to be able to load/merge/save templates, but that doesn't impact
JOSM, I guess.

If translations are not in the xml, where are they, then?

- Chris -
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