[Merkaartor] Templatized tagging committed

Dirk Stöcker openstreetmap at dstoecker.de
Tue Nov 4 11:00:40 GMT 2008

On Tue, 4 Nov 2008, Chris Browet wrote:

> Why not.

Because a lot of work is wasted for duplicate efforts rather than new 

> Key features for me:

You did not say where your requirements conflict with JOSM.

> - Ability to use some lexical parser to automatically display the proper
>   template for a given feature (i.e. my "<selector>" tag), in addition
>   to the simpler "<key>" tag, which, I assume, do the same (only that I
>   don't have to repeat the template for every single value of
>   "highway").  I also allows me to display different templates based
>   upon the type of the feature (road, relation, trackpoint, area)

JOSM template format already has a definition for road,relation,..., but 
it is not used by JOSM and thus the files are not complete here. This is no 

> - Ability to display link to the "Feature" page of the wiki (my "<link>" tag).

That can be added easily and I also would integrate that into JOSM, as it 
is a good idea.

> - Ability to do simple tag derivation (i.e. "<widget id="name_bxl"
>   tag="name" type="constant" ><value tag="$[name:fr] - $[name:nl]"
>   />...", which means name = name:fr + "-" + name:nl

I do not understand this.

> - Ability to conditionaly display a widget (i.e. when
>   religion="christian", only display christian denomination)

This is not supported by JOSM, but can be added easily thanks to XML 
format. It is merely an added condition.

> - Ability to use "constant" values (i.e. "Catholic chrurch" template
>   apllies constant "amenity=place_of_worship", "religion=christian",
>   "denomination=catholic" to a "blank"  node

This is already included in JOSM's format.

> If translations are not in the xml, where are they, then?

They can be in XML, but for JOSM these are kept in the main JOSM 
translation set. This is much easier for translators. Writing a script to 
copy them into the XML is easy. The format already supports it.

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