[Merkaartor] Templatized tagging committed

Chris Browet cbro at semperpax.com
Tue Nov 4 11:35:01 GMT 2008

> > Why not.
> Because a lot of work is wasted for duplicate efforts rather than new
> developments?

Unfortunately, in my experience (see the numerical vs. textual id tag
thread), much energy is also wasted in trying to make the 2 projects
collaborate (the "JOSM standard" syndrome ;-) )

> > Key features for me:
> You did not say where your requirements conflict with JOSM.

Because I don't know what capability the "presets.xml" format have. Is there
a doc somewhere?
Speaking of wasted efforts, trying to bend an existing format to my
requirements seemed much more wasted time than creating my own.

To whom would a common format benefit anyway (besides the translators, and
again translated tags is not one of my own requirements)?
My original idea is to allow users to create their own templates based upon
their own (local) requirements. A centralized, svn-based, common template
contradicts this idea.
It can be mitigated with, e.g., a wiki page with a repository of templates,
but does JOSM support changing templates on-the-fly or in preferences?

Obviously, using JOSM format is not a requirement for me. For easyness of
the translators using both editor (i.e. you AFAIK), I could use it, only if
I don't loose functionality.

> > - Ability to use some lexical parser to automatically display the proper
> >   template for a given feature (i.e. my "<selector>" tag), in addition
> >   to the simpler "<key>" tag, which, I assume, do the same (only that I
> >   don't have to repeat the template for every single value of
> >   "highway").  I also allows me to display different templates based
> >   upon the type of the feature (road, relation, trackpoint, area)
> JOSM template format already has a definition for road,relation,..., but
> it is not used by JOSM and thus the files are not complete here. This is no
> conflict.

Great. Why is there a dozen identical templates for the "higway" tag again,
Plus, my format supports references to <widget>, thus, for instance, the
"landuse" tag can be defined once and referenced in templates with
<widgetref> -> Maintenability enhanced.

> > - Ability to do simple tag derivation (i.e. "<widget id="name_bxl"
> >   tag="name" type="constant" ><value tag="$[name:fr] - $[name:nl]"
> >   />...", which means name = name:fr + "-" + name:nl
> I do not understand this.

Long story:
Brussels is a bilingual city in a trilingual country (like others, I
suppose). The standard tagging for streets is to indicate the name in french
("name:fr"), the name in dutch ("name:nl") and both in the "name" tag, i.e.
"name:fr - name:nl". It's a great timesaver to just indicate the name:* and
have the "name" automatically generated.

- Chris -
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